CWEA Collections System Maintenance Grade 1 Videos Focus Group: Domain 1

Dear Focus Group Member: Please review the videos and provide complete the survey at the end of each section based on the objectives listed in the CWEA Certification Handbook.

This series of videos focuses on Doman 1: Sub-Domains 1.1-1.6
Sub-Domain 1.1:Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of wastewater collection systems utilizing equipment

Sub-Domain 1.2: Performing and giving assistance with pump station inspections, maintenance, and repair and recording instrument readings

Sub-Domain 1.3: Inspection and maintenance of easements, some of which may be remote or difficult to access

Sub-Domain 1.4:Participation in the construction and repair of the wastewater collection system

Sub-Domain 1.5:Participation in the containment and cleanup of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs)

Sub-Domain 1.6:Participation in the safe removal and restoration of concrete and paved surfaces using a wide variety of construction equipment, hand and power tools

At the end of the videos is a brief survey to complete based on the content shared in each video. 

Harry Bessa

Lead Wastewater Worker

City of Huntington Beach

Harry Bessa currently holds the position of "Lead Wastewater Worker" at the City of Huntington Beach, drawing upon an extensive background of over 24 years in collections. His journey began as an entry-level maintenance worker, where he acquired invaluable collections skills through practical, on-the-job experience. Presently, his role revolves around overseeing Lift Station duties, involving the meticulous planning and supervision of on-site field operations for the city's 27 lift stations. These stations play a pivotal role in pumping millions of gallons of sewage to the Orange County Sanitation District for proper treatment.

In his leadership capacity, Harry manages a team of skilled workers whose support is instrumental in ensuring operational efficiency. His responsibilities encompass diverse tasks, from resolving mechanical issues to interpreting data sourced from the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). Additionally, he is adept at handling emergency situations such as Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and providing assistance to the public regarding sewer or storm drain-related queries. Harry believes that this career path, while requiring a willingness to get hands dirty, offers an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to environmental protection. He emphasizes that collections, as a profession, has withstood the test of time and remains an indispensable career choice.


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