Collection Systems Maintenance, Grade 1 Cert Prep

Welcome to CWEA's Cert Prep website. We can help you start your collection system career journey with confidence. 

Many professionals pursue certification to become knowledgeable about their chosen career path, demonstrate proficiency, and meet the requirements of employers. CWEA has proudly offered technical certifications for wastewater professionals for over 85 years.

CWEA Cert Prep Helps You Prepare

Once you decide to pursue certification, there are a number of ways to prepare, including CWEA’s comprehensive and convenient Cert Prep on demand classes. The benefits include:

  1. With 5 modules and over 10 hours of video training, you will gain the essential knowledge you need to excel in your career and prepare for the exam.
  2. On demand classes provide structured, guided learning that makes it easy to follow.
  3. Listen to real-life examples and insights from experienced collection system professionals working in the field.
  4. The flexible OWEN on demand platform provides the freedom to learn when and where you want to. 

Obtaining CWEA certification can set you apart and prepare you for entry-level and promotional career opportunities.

Next Steps

Get started on your collection system career journey today. CWEA is here to help you.

  1. Download and read the CSM Candidate Handbook to learn about the certification process.
  2. Start your CSM Grade 1 application on our website to apply to take the exam.
  3. Purchase the CSM Grade 1 package or the individual classes to start learning and preparing for the exam.

Hurry, the discounted pricing is only available for a limited time and the price will increase in July.

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“Overall information provided was informative and useful for learning and preparing for the C1 Exam”

- Brandon Parker

 "Good information and real-life situations that you encounter in the wastewater department." 

- Mario Castillon


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